Exhibition Cargos

Exhibition Cargo

Exhibition goods are mostly time sensitive and exhibition cargo needs additional documentation than usual cargo shipments. It can be moved through ATA Carnet or temporary exports from one country to another. Getting this cargo cleared from customs without payment of import duty at destination country, sending it back to the origin, clearing it from the Customs when it reaches back etc. requires proper documentation. Only an experienced team can handle such complicated documentation without additional costs and delay. Our team is well versed with all such activities and regularly handling ATA Carnet and temporary exports from India to various countries. The goods that we mostly handle for exhibition are machineries, equipment’s, artworks of famous artists, cameras/equipment’s for cinema industry etc.

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Our strengths and advantages make us different from our competitors and we always is one of transportation and logistics firms customers expect to conduct their shipments

Thanks to our enthusiastic employees who make sure all goods reach destinations in a fast and safe way. We are doing everything so that consignments reach their destinations. Flexible and environmentally friendly rail services provides reliable and pre-defined scheduled departures.

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